The end product in construction depends on the quality of materials, construction practices,..

Project Management

Our core services, helping to deliver our consulting and construction services to our customers. 

We are a limited liability company fully owned by Kenyan entrepreneurs. Registered over 10 years ago we have been in involved in real estate industry. Midas was formed with the primary aim of providing high standards of quality, integrity and fast response to customer needs. Midas links customers to investments being delivered through its first rate construction, property investment, project management and consultancy service offerings. We are well positioned to participate in the ever evolving and dynamic regional construction.

Why Choose Midas Development

Midas was formed with the primary aim of providing aspiring property owners in the region with affordable housing and property development investment options.

Our latest Project

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Pride Inn Paradise Hotel

maintenance refurbishment

Ramada Hotel



Theses are some of our clients that we have had the pleasure of working with over the years